Tips For Starting a Vintage Costume Jewelry Collection


Can you still be able to recall when you were once a little gal and your mom or granny lets you play with her admirably beautiful jewelry box? Those tiny pins, dangling earrings, dazzling necklaces, glittering bracelets and tantalizing rings were absolutely much fun to wear, and then you pretend to be a very attractive grown-up woman.

Classic costume jewelry including those long-gone treasures or jewelry pieces can be found at very reasonable prices. Now if you were fortunate enough to inherit the precious mementos, then you have kept for yourself a priceless treasure that everyone is longing to have.

When going to make a procurement of vintage costume jewelry for your personal collection or even as a good investment. Always bear in mind the major considerations to ponder upon.

The first thing you need to think of is your fondness for the jewelry. Always ask yourself this: do you like it? Bear in mind that if you are going to have it, you should admire it, you display it and wear it, and you need to like it. It does not matter what it is, what other people would think of it, the most significant thing is that you truly like it. Fondness for such jewelry items is of great relevance for without which consumers would feel awkward.

The second thing you need to consider is its condition. You need to make sure that the vintage items are still in good condition. It does have to function properly. All stones of it should be fully intact. Metal finishes must not be worn away. Now, if you are doing the product purchase as an investment, it does not matter whether you like it or not, but you need to see to it that the item must be in good condition.

If that is your intention of buying it, then it is a good investment. Also, it should bear the sign or mark of the manufacturer on the piece. Furthermore, it should become a part of a growing trend, such as Christmas jewelry and even ’60s flower power.

It must bear signature of its designer. The designer-signed jewelry items are by and large a good or fine investment. It is also good to invest in a jeweler’s loupe, which is basically a small magnifying glass, so you can be able to find the tiny signature, which is usually located on the back on the screw-back or clip of an earring, on the stem of a brooch, or on a clasp.

Moreover, there must also be any added features on the piece. Jewelry sets of two, three, or even more pieces are definitely very much collectible. The original boxes of these items also add up value, as do original price and tags of manufacturer.

Now you are able to have fun with your vintage jewelry collection. Exactly right now, you can learn more in relation to vintage costume jewelry pieces from various resources that include books, internet searches, and blogs. By simply looking through a price guide, it will absolutely give you inspiration and some hours of incomparable pleasure and excitement. But you also need to be a bit aware of the fact that collecting vintage costume jewelry items can be utterly addictive.

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