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LED Technology Applications in Business

Indeed it is a fact that a LED (Light Emitting Diode) display is one that uses light emitting diodes as the video display. It is indeed true that the technology began being used in television but over time its use has changed to cover even larger screens.

It is worth remembering that LED screens are made of either conventional (using discrete LEDs) or surface-mounted device (SMD) panels. Discrete LEDs, also called individually mounted LEDs, are made up of a group of green, red and blue placed together to form a square full-color pixel of any shape. The pixels are then evenly spaced out by measuring from the center of one to another so as to achieve pixel perfect resolution. SMD panels consist of a chip set that has green, red and blue diodes mounted on it which is then mounted on a PC board. The diodes used are smaller than a pin head and set very close together thus these displays have a shorter viewing distance than discrete diode screens in same resolution displays.

LED displays have various uses with one them being used in large displays for either outdoor or indoor use. For indoor displays SMD panels are used because the brightness that they provide is enough for indoor use. In other cases such outdoor marketing, discrete LED panels are used. In most cases they are used for commercial purposes with cooperates using them as an effective marketing strategy. To capture a bigger audience, the screens are usually mounted along highways so that many people can see them.
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In other instances they are used to enhance the appeal of buildings. It is common for LED displays to be adapted to the building facade so as to provide a promotional channel for viewers in real time. At other times they are used by business as illuminated signs to enhance the appeal of business premises.
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It a fact that in the cinema industry they are used to air both indoor and outdoor videos. It surprisingly true that for outdoor videos the screens are suitable because they are weather proof and always give quality video output no matter the weather and even the time of day. In indoor cinema screens LED displays still give high picture clarity even when the lights are on. It is worth remembering that mobile marketing also utilizes LED technology. It is important to remember that LED displays are the best option since they can be customized to any vehicle and can survive any harsh weather.

It is true that to be able to use LCD displays businesses can either buy their screens or they can buy the services from LED display rental companies. Renting LED display space is cheaper for businesses since they reduce the costs that come with purchasing the infrastructure.