Childrenswear Options on a Budget

There are a lot of childrenswear options available in the retail market. If parents choose to do so, they can spend a small fortune clothing their child. Here are some ways to avoid spending so much money on childrenswear and still have a well dressed child.

Every child needs some basics in their wardrobe. Items such as jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks and stretch a child’s wardrobe budget. Buy solid colors in most t-shirts and tops for easy matching. Two or three graphic prints or stripes will add a little interest, without too much cost.

Buy good quality jeans, preferably with a little growing room. It is usually easy to find good sales on jeans and buying better quality means they will last longer. An all weather jacket in a washable material with a hood is a great investment. To add some interest to your child’s wardrobe, a denim jacket is a great option that always looks stylish.

Most little girls love dresses. There are many options to choose from, with many dresses costing a large amount of money. Buying dresses that can be worn year round is a good option for stretching your childrenswear budget.

Add a cardigan in cooler weather for a different look. Buying a few skirts to match with tops and sweaters is also a good idea. Jumpers can also be made to look different by layering several different blouses or t-shirts under them. Buy jumpers in mid-weight materials such as denim and khaki to wear year round. Items such as sundresses or holiday dresses can be purchased at the end of the season for clearance prices. It is always a good idea to buy these items a size or so too large to make up for any growth spurts in the next year.

Pants and shorts for boys and girls should be made of durable materials in colors to mix and match. Khaki, olive green, black, and navy shorts and pants are always good options because they go with everything. Buy one or two fashion forward pieces per season; otherwise, stick to the basics. Many pants and shorts for children today are made with an adjustable waist. This is a great option to look for, as it allows the customer to buy the item in a larger size and adjust the waist as their child grows. This saves a lot of money in the long run.

Shoes are something that every child must have. The problem is that a lot of kid’s shoes are expensive and they don’t get much wear out of them because of growth spurts. Always look for good sales on kid’s shoes. Buy good quality in shoes that they wear day to day, such as athletic shoes. Shoes for special occasions, boots, and fashion items can be found for cheaper prices if you get them on sale or buy a brand that is a designer copy. A lot of stores have “Buy One Get One Half Off” promotions. This is a great way to pick up basic footwear and a pair of fashion forward footwear as well.

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