5 ways to decorate your space with attractive looking plants

Plants have always made interesting décor to freshen up your living areas. They add not only a tinge of brightness to your home but at the same time are considered to be perfect symbolisms of peace, prosperity and tranquillity. Go green, this season by setting up colorful fun vases and pots which will add a dash of color to your otherwise dull areas. Shop for some specifically chosen house plants online in India which makes great home décor items for almost every occasion.


Have you ever witnessed a snake plant, it makes an excellent décor to fill up an empty space and at the same time it requires lesser care instructions to make sure that with minimum amount of efforts, you can extract the maximum gains. Moreover, these plants are considered appropriate for those who have less time and knowledge to take care of your plants.

Succulents make perfect indoor gardens which will give a vintage touch to the place too. They can me nice centrepieces and at the same time looks gorgeously beautiful to add to your living room space too. The biggest thing that works best with succulent is the fact that they need less amount of water and sunlight because of which they make great interiors.

We all have counter spaces in our house. How about decorating them and making them look more beautiful by mounting mason jars in which you can plant some herbs which will make interesting décor and at the same time will be useful for you in the kitchen too. It is sure to be an absolute show stealer when guests visit your place.

If you want to fill a large awkward space then it is best to use high rising plants placed in colorful containers which will make interesting piece for your living room space. And at the same time these plants can add a pop of color to your blank wall.



You can place these green plants in a bathroom to give a spa like transformation. The green vibe will give you a nice relaxation when you want to unwind and rejuvenate your senses.  And more over adding these soothing plants will add a nice charm to your living room space too.

If you don’t know from where you can shop for an endless range of options then it is best to buy plants online in India at an affordable price range so that they can be delivered fresh at your doorstep.