5 Best Ways to Sell and Promote Your Stuff Online

So now you feel the most traditional way of selling your product is in trouble and now you want to look for other avenues to sell your product online. With each passing day the online sellers are finding the web to be increasingly more competitive and with the management and rule changes at different levels the business men are more inclined to exploring different ways and alternatives to sell their products online. The market is very lucrative and deems to be most important for any business owner to explore, if success is what he is looking to attain. Here is a scoop to how you can manage to sell and promote your stuff online in the most possible hassle free ways:

Fixed Price Marketplaces

One thing many sellers are doing and must continue doing is to stay connected with eBay and Amazon. These are the places where you can sell just about anything. But you will find the best luck only if you list rare items in these online retail sites that have a niche market. Even the classics and vintages stored somewhere in your attic can also find a good place to be sold in eBay and Amazon. For an idea of the similar items you can obviously look around the options sold under “Advanced Search”.

Social Websites

Social Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest gives us one of the most effective ways to sell your products online. The popular social websites are the best places to share news, connect with your fans, throw competition, persuade them and inform them about the range of products you have and their corresponding utilities. These indeed are the best place for getting your products in front of the right eyes. This can be a more time consuming matter but you have to keep updating your posts and information on social websites so as to get appropriate exposure for your product, brand and business.

Google Shopping Results

If you are actively into selling your product online then one of the greatest ways to promote your product online is by getting them listed to display on the Google Shopping results. These results are most often displayed in the Google Search Result as well. They come as answers to various queries. This can be the most definite way to gain more businesses and send more traffic to your website. You can earn more especially when your products are cheaper than that of your competitors.


Craigslist has been often accused for single handedly sinking the entire newspaper by doing classifieds. The local event for Craigslist commences as a local event of email lists for San Francisco in 1995 and later it grew up to become an online classified powerhouse serving more than 500 cities spread over 50 countries across the globe. Craigslist has almost 40 million visitors each month generating more than 10 billion page views. Therefore it is of no wonder that an ad on Craigslist can be extremely effective to generate sales, especially in the large local markets.

Your Own Store Front

If you are a seller and you have an adventurous spirit then it is very predictable that you would select a personal storefront to showcase your products and sell them online. There are a number of free and open source projects like that of osCommerce that can be aptly used to power your online storefront. There also all inclusive small business hosting solutions such as the Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, that can definitely get the sellers up running with their webstores a lot easier. Again there is Shopify which is all in one hosted ecommerce suite that has become one of the most popular places to be if you wish to sell your products online.

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