Tips For Starting a Vintage Costume Jewelry Collection


Can you still be able to recall when you were once a little gal and your mom or granny lets you play with her admirably beautiful jewelry box? Those tiny pins, dangling earrings, dazzling necklaces, glittering bracelets and tantalizing rings were absolutely much fun to wear, and then you pretend to be a very attractive grown-up woman.

Classic costume jewelry including those long-gone treasures or jewelry pieces can be found at very reasonable prices. Now if you were fortunate enough to inherit the precious mementos, then you have kept for yourself a priceless treasure that everyone is longing to have.

When going to make a procurement of vintage costume jewelry for your personal collection or even as a good investment. Always bear in mind the major considerations to ponder upon.

The first thing you need to think of is your fondness for the jewelry. Always ask yourself this: do you like it? Bear in mind that if you are going to have it, you should admire it, you display it and wear it, and you need to like it. It does not matter what it is,

Shoplifting Prevention Tips


Shoplifting is rising at an alarming rate. There are two categories of shoplifters: professionals and amateurs. Professional shoplifters steal to earn money, whereas amateurs do this for some fun and adventure. Hiding stolen merchandise inside clothing or baggage, or with other purchased items, is the most common shoplifting technique. Changing the price label is another widely used method. If the shoplifter is highly experienced or bold, he might run out of the store with the stolen merchandise. To ensure you don’t become a victim of these techniques, follow the tips mentioned below. But first, learn to identify potential shoplifters.

How to Identify Shoplifters?

Shoplifters prefer to carry out their operations when the employees are less alert, say when store is just opening to a lot of customers, is crowded, or is closing with enough customers still waiting for their billing. Identifying shoplifters is a tough task as they do not have any specific profile. They can be of any age, ethnic background, or gender. Ask your staff to closely observe the following people:

A group entering the store, out of which one or two people are

Some Tips on How to Make Teen Clothes Trendy


Walk down the corridors of a happening college and you are bound to see girls in their best ever outfits, chatting up with their friends or exchanging their notes. Bright blues, bandannas, cool jackets, buzzing cell phones and chips will be the scenario of a cool college where girls do meticulous planning and spending loads of money, time and energy to be in the hottest and happening looks.

These days looking good are of utmost importance. Making new friends and the urge to get acceptance in different work groups have forced the teens of this age to have a considerable amount of thinking on their clothing.

A lot of scrupulous planning is required for the teens that need to meet the latest trends. Nothing can be worse when the wardrobe contains things which are not fit to be worn. One thing which has to examined before the shopping is to have a glance at your wardrobe and if you have too many T-shirts filled than you could probably go for a jacket to break the monotony of your wardrobe.

Basics of Teen Clothing
A Jeans

A cool

Tips on How to Care for Vintage Jewelry

Nothing can be more unique or elegant than having a stylish piece of vintage jewelry to accessorize an outfit. Whether it is casual business wear, a night out on the town or your wedding day, finding that perfect piece is thrilling. Vintage jewelry offers such a wide variety of options in quality and design not seen in today’s products. Vintage jewelry can be found in flea markets to vintage boutiques and often even online. More and more collectors are snatching up special pieces, as more people are appreciating the beauty and craftsmanship found in vintage designs.

Perhaps you have a collection of these precious pieces or are just wanting to take care of one important keepsake. Caring for these antique pieces the proper way will ensure that each piece retains its luster into the future.

Scratching can be found on a lot of older pieces of jewelry. To prevent this from happening to your pieces make sure that jewelry pieces are spaced without touching and rubbing against other pieces. Damage from pieces knocking against one another can range from minimal scratching to loss of stones or even snags causing breaks. If you have a piece that is especially important to you, consider

Tips for Identifying the Perfect Piece of Stylish Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry, also known as costume or novelty jewelry describes a category of jewelry featuring earrings, necklaces, watches and bracelets, targets what’s hot today and is more for novelty and fun than long-lasting market value. Fashion jewelry is often metal or even non-metal plated as opposed to solid gold or solid silver or gold or silver plated; and, may or may not be decorated with non-precious and/or semi precious stones. For added sparkle or bling, crystals and other cultured gemstones may be used in place of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Trends in fashion jewelry are inspired by runway fashions and are set by what is hot in the world of high fashion. Without giving up style, fashion jewelry is often less costly than designer jewelry.

Designer jewelry, also known as fine or precious jewelry describes a category of jewelry featuring rings, watches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces and is often associated with a nationally or internationally known company, brand or logo. Pieces are generally made of better metals such as solid silver and solid gold; and/or, silver plating or gold plating. Designer jewelry may retain its value long after the style and popularity have passed. Designer jewelry often features precious and or semi

Different Types of Jewelry For Different Looks

Jewelry has been used since the beginning of time. It is used mostly by women in their beauty rituals. It is used to complete a desired look, whether you’ll attend a grand occasion or just a simple one. In affairs like these, it is very important to know which accessories and styles you will use to complement well and enhance your look. However, with the wide variety of jewelry pieces, it is very difficult choosing the right kind for you. Some jewelry is very expensive, so it is important to get some advice before spending all your cash. Tips on how to choose gold charm jewelry or any other type of jewelry can be found by doing a quick search online.

There are now lots of varieties and styles of earrings available on the market. Tear drop earrings are now one of the most popular styles of earrings, and would probably be your best pick. In selecting the right style of earrings, you have to consider the shape of your face. Choose only those that complement well with your personality because this can really make a great difference in your look. Tear drop earring generally look good with any type or

Tips for Smart Grocery Shopping

Unlike shopping for clothes or shoes, grocery shopping involves a little more planning and responsibility. After all, running a household isn’t a joke. Grocery shopping isn’t just one individual’s wish list, it requires keeping in mind the needs of everybody in the family. Whether it is a family of twelve, or a household of two, if this is strategically planned, it can work wonders. Here are a few ways to help you while you go shopping for groceries.

How To Shop Efficiently

Make a List
This is a must for all shoppers, irrespective of the fact whether you are a frugal shopper or a squanderer. List down everything you and other family members require. Don’t do this in a hurry. Start making a list a few days before you actually plan to make a trip to the local supermarket. This gives you enough time to check your refrigerator and storage containers in the kitchen. Check if other members want to add to the list.

Classify your List
Divide your list into broad sections: vegetables, dairy, spices, snacks, toiletries, etc. This will help you remember if there is something missing in the list, and help you pick up exactly what you need from a

How to Go Grocery Shopping With Kids

American kids spend significant number of hours in passive entertainment, courtesy – the idiot box. The value of television is increasing awareness amongst kids can’t be underestimated but we all know that gluing to the TV sets or video game systems for hours after the school time, leaves our kids with no time to be involved in other productive pursuits. Taking your kids along with you, while you are going for running, walking or even shopping, is a great way to engage their minds in other activities. Kids need to establish a bonding and connection with the outer world. They must learn from outdoor world experiences as it is vital for their social growth. Grocery shopping stands out as a great alternative for parents to take their kids out.

Tips on Positive Engagement of Kids in Grocery Shopping

Many parents believe that kids will rarely respond positively to an invitation of grocery shopping, a task that appears quite mundane to kids. Assuming that your kids will never agree to come out for shopping or other outdoor tasks is quite wrong. Curiosity forms the essence of a kid’s life. As parents, you can positively use their curious nature to attract them for grocery

Retail Window Display Ideas

If you ever give a thought to the process that is involved in making a purchase, you would realize that any product first appeals to us visually, only then we go ahead and feel it with our hands, test it, make inquiries about it and then finally make a purchase. This is true for everything, right from clothes to food to technology! That’s why, all retail businesses focus on grabbing the attention of their potential customers by way of creating visually appealing displays.

Store windows are the first thing that any potential customer notices about a retail store. Based on this impression, the customers make a decision whether to walk into the store or not. That’s why, a lot of emphasis should be made on designing and decorating retail window displays. They should be attractive and interesting enough to pull customers in.

Retail Store Window Display Ideas

Highlight ‘Offers’ and ‘Sales’
If your retail store is targeting middle class customers, then it’s but obvious that they will be after bargains and freebies. So, if you have some offers for them, highlight these in the window display. Also, when putting up such offers, be very specific about them. For instance, you can write things

All You Need to Know about e-Commerce

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce (EC) is the practice of buying and selling various good and services on the World Wide Web (Internet). e-Commerce in its basic sense means the same as traditional trading where buyers and sellers come together for doing business. The difference is that e-Commerce happens over wired communication lines connected throughout the globe where the World Wide Web serves as the central medium for all trading transactions.

With this, you have to simply hit the service provider’s website, search for what you need or setup what you want to provide and instantly get the business done. If you are making purchases online for virtual products and services, most of the time you will get them at the instance of your payment acknowledgment.

Monetary transactions happen over secure gateways and encrypted channels, so we can term e-commerce to be a reliable trading environment. Payments can be made with the use of credit cards, e-Checks, payment gateways or even through traditional payment systems.

Types of e-Commerce

Business to Business (B2B)
Business-to-Business e-commerce has been around for some time. Over 90% of all e-commerce transactions on the Internet are B2B. B2B enables automating transactions between trading partners for business efficiency. B2B is also known

5 Best Ways to Sell and Promote Your Stuff Online

So now you feel the most traditional way of selling your product is in trouble and now you want to look for other avenues to sell your product online. With each passing day the online sellers are finding the web to be increasingly more competitive and with the management and rule changes at different levels the business men are more inclined to exploring different ways and alternatives to sell their products online. The market is very lucrative and deems to be most important for any business owner to explore, if success is what he is looking to attain. Here is a scoop to how you can manage to sell and promote your stuff online in the most possible hassle free ways:

Fixed Price Marketplaces

One thing many sellers are doing and must continue doing is to stay connected with eBay and Amazon. These are the places where you can sell just about anything. But you will find the best luck only if you list rare items in these online retail sites that have a niche market. Even the classics and vintages stored somewhere in your attic can also find a good place to be sold in eBay and Amazon. For an idea

How to Sell Used Electronic Items Online

In this age of rapidly evolving technology, electronic items like cell phones, mp3 players, computers and laptops tend to get replaced fast, as newer and better products come up in the market every month. A consequence of this phenomenon is piling up of used electronics products every year, that find no takers and end up being toxic trash dumped in junk yards. Not only is it bad economics to throw away an electronic product which could be still useful if repaired, but it’s damaging to the environment. In this Buzzle article, I provide you with some suggestions on how to sell used electronics online, which not only provides you with some ready cash, but also contributes to the global effort aimed at cleaning up technological waste.

With the rising rate of electronics waste, many tech entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to create an online market place, where used electronic items could be bought, repaired and sold as refurbished items or their parts be salvaged for cash. With this philosophy, many websites have sprung on the Internet, that buy such items from you, get them shipped for free and pay you an appropriate price for it. They earn money through resale of the

Planning a Successful eCommerce Site

So you want to sell stuff on the Internet, and eBay and Craigslist just aren’t doing it for you anymore. It’s time for a real, live, grownup website of your own. But God, there’s so much to think about. An eCommerce website is much more involved than a static website – it’s always changing, it must have search capabilities, and you absolutely have to be able to accept payment securely.

First, calm down. There’s a process for this. If you have the money, you can actually hire someone to take care of the whole thing for you – but smaller companies aren’t left out of the game. You absolutely can do this yourself, but you have to commit to seeing it through.

Location, Location, Location

If you don’t already have a website (why not?), you must first register your domain name and pay for hosting (unless you have your own server). A basic website is pretty easy to design using a basic web editor and templates. If you already have a site, plan how the shopping section will fit in with your existing pages.

Shopping Cart

You will need to choose a shopping cart software – some are simply plugins that work with pre-existing website

How to Get Dooney and Bourke Discount Coupons

People who are crazy about fashionable accessories and designer bags must have definitely heard about Dooney and Bourke. It is a company which manufactures handbags, watches, briefcases, bracelets, belts, iPod cases, jackets, sweaters, scarves, wallets, shoes, etc. Although there are a variety of fashionable accessories under this brand name, it is the handbags and wallets which are the most famous.

Dooney and Bourke was founded by Peter Dooney and Fredric Bourke in the year 1975. Though the company began with the production of classic suspenders and surcingle belts, by the year 1982, it had entered the handbag business. One of the most popular products is the All-Weather Leather, which is a handbag that is waterproof. Even though Dooney and Bourke had modest beginnings, soon celebrities started promoting this brand, firmly establishing it as one among the top designer names.

Getting Dooney and Bourke Discount Coupons

Dooney and Bourke products range between USD 20 and USD 625. Though this does not make these products very expensive, it is not something that everyone can afford. Hence, the company provides a few discount coupons, that can be availed to get these products cheaper. The problem is that not everyone knows where they can get hold of

Ways to Get Dress Barn Coupons

If you love chic dressing, then Dress Barn is one of the best and relatively inexpensive option for you. It is one of America’s well-known retailers, dedicated to women’s clothing which houses a wide array of casual and dressy apparels for every woman, irrespective of her size, shape, and age. Many fashion conscious women wish to shop till they drop from Dress Barn but it can also affect their wallet in an adverse manner. But, one thing that can make their shopping experience enjoyable is, Dress Barn Coupons. These coupons entitle you to some amazing discounts, or you may also get some special offer that will be profitable for you.

Given below are some of the most promising ways to get those most coveted coupons that will keep you from burning a hole in your pocket.

Newspapers: I am sure you go through all the advertisements published by fashion stores. You will also find an advertisement by Dress Barn that is coupled with coupons most of the time. Generally, an ad will tell you to cut the coupon and present it at the store where you go shopping. The discount offer will allow you to shop fashion clothing without having to worry

Coupon Shopping Secrets

Coupon clippers, as more commonly known, can be found everywhere in grocery and departmental stores. Their secret? Managing their shopping chores at the right time. But how can grocery coupons help them save hundreds? It’s not just a one line answer. The reason behind this smart shopping lies in small tips and tricks all clubbed into one.

Some Secrets to Reveal

First of all, no matter what coupons you get, you have to shop strategically. For that, you need to see which grocery and departmental stores have special offers available, so that you can use those coupons before they expire.
Grab each and every coupon you get. Whether it’s from the newspaper, magazines, grocery store flyers, at the back of your grocery receipt, or the Internet. Every coupon is valuable; even if you have more than 1 coupon for the same item.
One of the easiest and helpful secrets―sort out your coupons. Keep separate envelopes for perishable and household items. You can further categorize them if you like for easier transactions.
Keep an eye on the special offers available at your favorite grocery and departmental stores. You can club these offers with the coupons you have to save a heck of a

How to Use Grocery Coupons

The best way to save money on those long grocery bills are grocery coupons. However, your job doesn’t end with cutting out the grocery coupons from the Sunday newspapers and magazines. The grocery coupons that are available in newspapers is just a tiny part of around 300 billion dollars worth of coupons, that are available elsewhere which might help you to save a lot of money on your monthly grocery bills that you have imagined. If you organize your expenditure on grocery coupons and if you want to trust the websites and eBooks that release these grocery coupons, you may be able to save up to 90% on the monthly shopping bills. But practically, one can try to save at least half of these extravagant claims! How? Well, to be frank, learning how to use grocery coupons well is the best way to save money on groceries. There is a difference in getting coupons and utilizing them wisely! Don’t you think? To be able to do that, keep reading the following article and get some handy tips on using grocery coupons more effectively.

Using Grocery Coupons Effectively

Find and Organize
There are various sources from where you can get coupons to save

Getting Dressed for the Holiday Office Party

As the holiday season approaches companies will start planning their festive parties. It’s often difficult to decipher the various dress codes listed on the invitation like “updated casual,” “festive attire,” or “dressy attire.” Follow these tips to look stylish and festive – and to ensure you are appropriately dressed at all business gatherings this holiday season.

Updated Casual

An invitation that states “updated casual” indicates a dress code somewhere between business formal and weekend casual. It is a little dressier than your business casual. You can definitely wear business formal dress (a suit), but here are a few of my other updated ideas:

o Women – Select a dressy style jacket like one made out of velveteen, jacquard, or a new modern jacket worn over a satin blouse or camisole. Wear this with a dressy style of satin or velveteen jeans, or casual dressy trousers. Finish off the look with some dressy sandals or a new shoe bootie to look stylish.

o Men – Choose a tweed or herringbone sport coat worn over a polo-style merino sweater or a solid sport shirt. Wear this with a pair of khakis or dress trousers. Another look is a v-neck sweater worn with a sport shirt paired

Childrenswear Options on a Budget

There are a lot of childrenswear options available in the retail market. If parents choose to do so, they can spend a small fortune clothing their child. Here are some ways to avoid spending so much money on childrenswear and still have a well dressed child.

Every child needs some basics in their wardrobe. Items such as jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks and stretch a child’s wardrobe budget. Buy solid colors in most t-shirts and tops for easy matching. Two or three graphic prints or stripes will add a little interest, without too much cost.

Buy good quality jeans, preferably with a little growing room. It is usually easy to find good sales on jeans and buying better quality means they will last longer. An all weather jacket in a washable material with a hood is a great investment. To add some interest to your child’s wardrobe, a denim jacket is a great option that always looks stylish.

Most little girls love dresses. There are many options to choose from, with many dresses costing a large amount of money. Buying dresses that can be worn year round is a good option for stretching your

How Men Wear Their Accessories

Men like to add fashionable touches to their look. Depending on what their style is, this might mean a hat, drivers gloves, a pair of shades, or big headphones. Here are a few accessories adorned by men.

1. Neckwear:

Whether you’re a posh, middle-aged banker, or a young, punky graphic designer, trendy guys like sporting neckwear (scarves) with almost every outfit they own. In warmer months, the suit might wear a silk Hermes scarf, while the punk might wear a one that’s cotton, two-toned and plaid. In the winter, the suit might wear a cashmere coloured or Burberry scarf under his pecoat, while the punk sports an extremely long, charcoal grey wool scarf under his black, hooded Canada Goose.

2. Headwear:

Adding a toque to your look (even if it’s indoors) takes it down a few notches. When combined with a nice sweater and the collar of your polo sticking out, you’re making a statement which says ‘I know how to look good, but I am taking it easy.’ A papeboy hat looks great with a white v-neck and a pair of beat up jeans, it says ‘I am effortlessly cool’. A fedora is cool with certain looks, but can often look like you’re